In order to apply to pitch to investors, you must first be registered to attend the Hirshberg Entrepreneurship Institute in person. 

One benefit of attending HEI is the opportunity for entrepreneurs to apply to present qualified financing pitches to real investors. These investors represent a superb and diverse group of angel and institutional investors and advisers, all of whom are active investors in early to middle stage ventures. To qualify, your application will be evaluated on the following criteria and decisions will be made in HEI’s sole judgment:

  • Validity of the Business Proposition – Does the business concept make sense and has it been validated in the marketplace or otherwise?
  • Presenter Preparedness – Does the entrepreneur demonstrate the necessary experience, preparedness and readiness to both lead the business and make a coherent presentation?
  • The Finance Proposition – Does the amount of capital sought and the proposed use of proceeds make sense; is the pitch supported by sound analysis?
  • Presentation Clarity – Is the presentation organized to make effective use of the limited presentation time?

To be clear, HEI has no financial or other interest in potential investments, nor do we have any formal affiliation with either pitch presenters or investors. By participating either as a pitch presenter or as an investor, you accept and agree to be bound and abide by our Website Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy.

**Once registered, please remember you must be logged in for the "Submit Pitch" button below to work for you.