Husband, brother, uncle, friend, father, grandfather, godfather…..pretty much a big kid myself. Warrior against the war in Viet Nam, and a warrior for the War on Poverty. A Jedi in all ways, and always ready to stand for what’s right and stand against what’s wrong. Environmentalist, nature lover, tree hugger, and plant power advocate. Vision seeker, shamanic journeyman, psychotropic explorer, and metaphysician. Yogi, devotee, divinity student (trying to behave) and disciple of the Holy Spirit.

I didn’t found anything, Traditional Medicinals found me…’s time had come and I was called to serve. For five decades I’ve been blessed with the shared stewardship responsibility for the company’s purposeful work as herbal educators, thought leaders, and social equity entrepreneurs in our (mostly) impoverished and indigenous supply chain. Deep gratitude.