Michael Cianciarulo is the President of EarthFare supermarkets, a regional natural food retailer in the Southeastern United States. In 1997, after being promoted to President and COO of Goodings Supermarket, he oversaw 18 upscale stores in the central Florida area operating a 40,000 sq ft warehouse and commissary. Goodings was the first store to open up a supermarket on a Disney property.

In 1998, he joined EarthFare as president and CEO, and was able to grow the company from three stores to fifteen, along with its own 40,000 sq ft warehouse to serve stores located in North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. At the same time, he was co-founder of INFRA, along with three other natural food retailers.

In 2008, he successfully sold Earth Fare to Monitor Clipper private equity firm, and in 2019, with a group of local investors they were able to purchase the EarthFare brand and original store in Asheville, NC. Mike joined in as an investor and consultant, and in February of 2021, he was named President. By April 2021, EarthFare will have opened its 21st store in Orlando, and by July, will have 27 stores opened in 7 states.