US EST TimeNZ Standard Time
Tuesday, 11/9Wednesday, 11/10Day 2 Program
2:00-2:10 PM8:00-8:10 AMWelcome and Logistics
2:10-2:40 PM8:10-8:40 AMChat with Heidi Traore, Supplier Relationship Manager and Ben Nauman, Senior Director of Purchasing for National Co+op Grocers ($2B retailer)
2:40-4:20 PM8:40-10:20 AM1st MARKETING PANEL – POSITIONING YOUR BRAND STORY: Based on previously submitted case proposals, two different businesses will present their marketing, communication and positioning story for review by Bob Burke, Patrick Coyle, Lisa King, Betsy McGinn, Ben Nauman, Corinne Shindelar, Heidi Traore and Gary Hirshberg
Case 1:
Case 2:
4:20-4:30 PM10:20-10:30 AMBreak
4:30-6:10 PM10:30-12:10 PMPOSITIONING YOUR BRAND STORY, Part II:
Case 3:
Case 4:
6:10-6:25 PM12:10-12:25 PMBreak for people to grab their lunches/dinner
6:25-7:50 PM12:25-1:50 PMLunch Speakers
Roman Jewell, CEO/Founder, Fix & Fogg
Maggie Hewitt, Founder, Maggie Marilyn
7:50-8:00 PM1:50-2:00 PMSummary and Day 2 Wrap-up with Gary Hirshberg

Schedules and speakers are subject to change.