Entrepreneur – In 2004, Shari was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis that led her to learn about the benefits of a raw food diet. But where many of us might then just focus on ourselves, Shari looked outward and saw an opportunity. In 2006, she founded Two Moms in the Raw – a company known for its sprouted, organic snacks – and grew it into a multi-million dollar business that you’ll find in grocery and health stores nationwide. She recently built on that success, publishing the Two Moms in the Raw cookbook, full of “simple, clean, irresistible recipes for your family’s health.”

In 2016, she has turned her attention to your morning coffee by launching Know Brainer – a grab-n-go coffee creamer infused with ingredients that improve brain health. Recently, she launched the award-winning Max Mallow, the first ZERO SUGAR marshmallow infused with collagen protein, MCT and prebiotic Fiber.

Shari has been a pioneer all along. She was ahead of the curve with raw foods, but then awareness of the benefits built demand – and now Know Brainer is following the same trajectory. Shari currently does all of the sales, marketing and customer service for Know Brainer.

To quote Shari, when asked what she wished she’d known early on: “I’m actually glad I went into this business knowing nothing. I took a lot of chances and didn’t follow too many rules.” It is that combination of imagination, drive, and risk-taking that make Shari such an inspirational figure for all of us.



Instagram: @lovemaxsweets