US EST TimeNZ Standard Time
Monday, 11/9Tuesday, 11/10Day 1 Program
2:00-2:15 PM8:00-8:15 AMWelcome and Logistics
2:15-3:00 PM8:15-9:00 AMHOW NOT TO RUN OUT OF CASH: Gary Hirshberg, Andy Whitman (Managing Partner, 2X Consumer Products Growth Partners), and Elliot Begoun (Founder/CEO Intertwine Group) will provide a practical guide to how to project and manage your cash needs (and not run out of cash)

Session Downloads:
Cash is King slide deck (.pdf)

Cash & the Tardigrade handout (.pdf)

Gary’s Indispensible Cash Flow Worksheet (link will open in a new browser. You will need to save a copy of the file before being able to make changes.)
3:00-4:30 PM9:00-10:30 AMEXPORT / FINANCE, Case Studies 1&2: Based on previously submitted case proposals, two different businesses will present their financing ambitions and plans for feedback from a panel featuring Gary Hirshberg, Elliot Begoun, David Bell, Bob Burke, Andrew Chambers, Gavin Haworth, Betsy McGinn, Walter Robb and Andy Whitman
Case 1: Be Nourished
Case 2: Our Eco Clean
4:30-4:40 PM10:30-10:40 AMBreak
4:40-6:10 PM10:40-12:10 PMEXPORT / FINANCE, Case Studies 3&4:
Case 3: Skyebird Foods, LTD
Case 4: Chia Sisters
6:10-6:20 PM12:10-12:20 PMBreak
6:20-6:50 PM12:20-12:50 PMRapid Fire Case: Zamati Technology
6:50-7:50 PM12:50-1:50 PMLunch Speakers:
12:50-1:20: Carlotta Mast, Senior Vice President of Content and Market Leader, New Hope Network, Informa Health & Nutrition will present the latest State of the Natural and Organic Marketplace Insights

Download The State and Future of U.S. Natural & Organic (PDF)

1:20 – 1:50: Bob Burke, Principal, Natural Products Consulting (US) will present an overview of tips for entering the US Market

Download Entering the US Market (PDF)
7:50-8:00 PM1:50-2:00 PMSummary and Day 1 Wrap-up with Gary Hirshberg