US EST TimeNZ Standard Time
Monday, 11/8Tuesday, 11/9Day 1 Program
2:00-2:10 PM8:00-8:10 AMWelcome and Logistics
2:10-3:15 PM8:10-9:15 AMHOW NOT TO RUN OUT OF CASH: Gary Hirshberg, Andy Whitman (Managing Partner, Loft Growth Partners), and Elliot Begoun (Founder/CEO TIG Brands) will provide a practical guide to how to project and manage your cash needs (and not run out of cash)
3:15-4:50 PM9:15-10:50 AMFINANCING YOUR BUSINESS I: Based on previously submitted case proposals, two different businesses will present their financing ambitions and plans for feedback from a panel featuring Gary Hirshberg, Elliot Begoun, David Bell, Andrew Chambers, Elly Truesdell and Andy Whitman
Case 1:
Case 2:
4:50-5:00 PM10:50-11:00 AMBreak
Case 3:
Case 4:
6:35-6:45 PM12:35-12:45 PMBreak for people to go grab their lunches/dinners
6:45-7:55 PM12:45-1:55 PMLunch Speakers:
Becs Percasky, CEO,
Brianne West, CEO, Ethique
7:55-8:00 PM1:55-2:00 PMSummary and Day 1 Wrap-up with Gary Hirshberg

Schedules and speakers are subject to change.