US EST TimeNZ Standard Time
Monday, 11/8Tuesday, 11/9Day 1 Program
2:00-2:10 PM8:00-8:10 AMWelcome and Logistics
2:10-3:15 PM8:10-9:15 AMHOW NOT TO RUN OUT OF CASH: Gary Hirshberg, Andy Whitman (Managing Partner, Loft Growth Partners), and Elliot Begoun (Founder/CEO TIG Brands) will provide a practical guide to how to project and manage your cash needs (and not run out of cash)

Download Gary’s interactive cashflow forecasting model (Link will open in a new tab. You must save a copy of the document before you will be able to edit.)
Download Andy’s Money Chart Example
Download Andy’s Getting Gross Margins Right
Download Andy’s Cash is King Presentation
Download Elliot’s 10 Ways to Keep your Cash
3:15-4:50 PM9:15-10:50 AMFINANCING YOUR BUSINESS I: Based on previously submitted case proposals, two different businesses will present their financing ambitions and plans for feedback from a panel featuring Gary Hirshberg, Elliot Begoun, David Bell, Andrew Chambers, Gavin Haworth, Elly Truesdell and Andy Whitman
Case 1: Borage and Bee – Chanelle O’Sullivan, Presenter
Case 2: EK Sunscreens – Jules Bright, Presenter
4:50-5:00 PM10:50-11:00 AMBreak
Case 3: Ahimsa, LLC – Manasa Mantravadi, Presenter
Case 4: Good Change Store LTD – Stine Smith and Kristy Hunter, Presenters
6:35-6:45 PM12:35-12:45 PMBreak for people to go grab their lunches/dinners
6:45-7:55 PM12:45-1:55 PMLunch Speakers:
Becs Percasky, CEO,
Brianne West, CEO, Ethique
Download Becs’ powerpoint here
Download Brianne’s powerpoint here
7:55-8:00 PM1:55-2:00 PMSummary and Day 1 Wrap-up with Gary Hirshberg

Schedules and speakers are subject to change.